Talent Search

Talent Search

Relax. Let us do your heavy lifting.

Whether you are expanding your business, have a pressing project, are experiencing high turnover, our staffing services can give you the qualified candidates you need to get the job done.

Our Human Resource and Recruitment teams have decades of experience in talent sourcing and vetting the best workers. In order to uphold that standard, 360 Staffing provides several levels of screening services, which include building personality profiles of our staffing associates.

  • Online and in-person Automated applications
  • Personal interviews
  • Skills and aptitude testing
  • Employer reference check and Verification checks
  • Drug checks and background screens, at your request.

Contingency Staffing Solution


We work closely with your team to ensure our contingent staffing solutions support your methods of operation. For many of our clients, we're the single resource that can manage all aspects of the contingent workforce - from recruitment to onboarding and training, to accounting and payroll, and even providing transportation to some of our staffing associates.


Direct Hire Solution


Our purpose is to provide opportunity; the more the direct, the better. Our permanent placement solutions give you direct access to top-notch, fully-screened, culturally adaptive candidates in all the industries we serve. We have the proven expertise to find and deliver talented individuals with the right skills and experience for your permanent positions – most of our staffing associates enjoy long term work, regardless if they are being hired directly or taking on temporary responsibilities.


Temporary to Permanent Solution


When you know you need long-term talent but aren't ready to add to your long-term budget, our temp-to-perm solution is your answer. If you’re someone who values flexibility, we can help you find workers on your schedule — on an as-needed, day-to-day basis, or on an indefinite contract. Our goal is then to help our staffing associate grow into a career within your company or within ours.


Seasonal Solution


Need some help getting through the season? We understand that our ever changing economy calls for seasonal sales and responsibilities. Whether it be gearing up for Christmas or Election season, 360 Staffing has the right people for you..