Health Training

Health Training

Keep your patients and your bottom line healthy.

360 Staffing is serious when it comes to continuous education in providing healthcare.

We take pride in operating our own screening and training process for all staff associates in the medical/healthcare industries. To insure that we stay consistent with policies put forward by the Florida State Board of Nursing, we provide a hands-on training course in Puerto Rico that serves to determine knowledge of our applicants and train them with the most updated techniques and advancements in the medical industry.

The training program consists of (4) 4-6 hr. Sessions. We have two separate training centers in San Juan, PR and San Sebastián, PR.

A brief synopsis of our training curriculum can be found below:

  1. Pre-Test to determine knowledge of general concepts and specializations
  2. such as: ER, OR, ICU, NICU.
  3. Telemetry monitor interpretation
  4. Specialization concepts in ER, OR, ICU, NICU.
  5. Updated techniques and differences in Patient handling
  6. Computer knowledge and Digital Citizenship
  7. Write and speak Nursing Applied English (Interview)
  8. Interpersonal relations, work ethics, and work culture
  9. Order taking over the phone in English
  10. Social and Cultural adaptation to U.S. (laws, rules, rules of thumb, etc.)
  11. Post-test